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zCapital launches Swiss sustainability fund

We invest in companies which embrace sustainability

zCapital is launching a new equity fund, the zCapital Swiss ESG Fund. The fund puts corporate sustainability at the core and reinforces the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects into the fundamental financial analysis. Our ambition is to invest in companies which not only write nice sustainability reports, but also behave in a truly sustainable manner and thereby create added value for all stakeholders.

Our approach to sustainability

Four key building blocks

ESG integration

zCapital takes environmental, social and governance considerations into account when investing.


zCapital excludes companies which fundamentally contradict our ESG idea.


zCapital is in an active dialogue with the companies in the investment universe.


zCapital always registers shares in the companies' share register and exercises voting rights consistently.

ESG integration

zCapital comprehensively analyses a company's sustainability profile. We combine our qualitative analysis with our quantitative approach. This considers data from sustainability rating agencies such as Inrate, ISS or RepRisk. The entire zCapital team is involved in the analysis. As a signatory of the UN PRI standards, we support principles which commit to responsible investing.


The zCapital Swiss ESG Fund excludes manufacturers of controversial weapons. In addition, companies that materially violate the principles of the UN Global Compact or generate more than 5% of sales from the production of nuclear or coal-fired power, coal mining, fracking, oil sands, tobacco, pornography, gambling, armaments or civilian weapons are not invested in.


We raise shareholder concerns and address relevant ESG issues in over 400 meetings with Group Executive Board members each year. The aim is to motivate companies to act sustainably.


zCapital always registers shares in the share register and exercises voting rights consistently. Voting decisions are based on internal guidelines and take into account both financial aspects and ESG criteria.

A portfolio for more sustainability

The result of our approach

UN Sustainable Development Goals

zCapital analyses the positive and negative impacts of companies' products and activities on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Companies which contradict the goals are avoided. Therefore, the fund contributes positively to the achievement of the UN SDGs.

Paris climate targets

Products with a high carbon footprint are at risk of being replaced by more sustainable alternatives. For this reason, zCapital closely analyses the CO2 emissions of companies. We favour businesses which are in line with the Paris climate targets, thereby supporting efforts to limit global warming to below 2°C.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every million we plant 100 trees

For every million Swiss francs of assets under management in the zCapital Swiss ESG Fund, we plant 100 trees each year, thereby supporting a community reforestation project in Nicaragua. In cooperation with myclimate, we ensure that the trees are cared for in the long term. The project combines nature and climate protection with the creation of new sources of income for small farmers.

Our track record

Passionate for over twelve years

zCapital has been focused on Swiss equities for over twelve years and has one of the largest research teams for listed Swiss companies. Our two existing funds have an impressive track record. The zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund achieved a performance of over 300% in twelve years, beating the benchmark by almost 100%, while the zCapital Swiss Dividend Fund gained around 150% in eight years, an outperformance of over 30%. Since inception, zCapital has integrated ESG aspects into its investment process.

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