Passion for Swiss equities

zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund Wins Morningstar Award

Morningstar, the fund research company, has selected the “zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund” as the best product in the “Switzerland Small/Mid Cap Equity” category, and has honoured it with the 2015 Morningstar Swiss Fund Award. It prevailed over 65 other fund tranches. The award takes into account performance and risks assumed over the last five years. During this period (until the end of 2014), the zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund achieved a performance of 72%, exceeding the SPI Extra Benchmark by 15%. This demonstrates that active fund management can indeed pay off.

This award motivates us to continue to strive for outstanding performance in the future. Our passion for Swiss equities remains strong. We would like to thank our investors for their loyalty.

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