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What does ESG mean?

The abbreviation ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. In the context of sustainability, it assesses how companies behave in these three areas. The main reason for taking ESG aspects into account in the investment process is the belief that this leads to more comprehensive analyses and can thus reduce risks in investment decisions.

zCapital is convinced that companies which behave in a sustainable manner, i.e. take responsibility for environmental, social and corporate governance issues and go beyond legal requirements, create added value for all stakeholders in the long run. Stakeholders include all actors in the company's environment, such as employees, customers, suppliers, neighbours or shareholders.

zCapital is committed to sustainable investment and systematically takes environmental, social and governance aspects into account when making investment decisions for its three Swiss equity funds (zCapital Swiss ESG Fund, zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund, zCapital Swiss Dividend Fund). The aim is to identify sustainability risks and opportunities at an early stage. Risks should be avoided as far as possible or, if avoidance is not possible, reduced and managed.

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