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Soft closing of the zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund

The zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund has enjoyed high demand over the last few months. The assets under management now amount to over CHF 600 million. Therefore, we have decided to initiate a “soft close” on 1 January 2016. We are taking this step in order to protect our existing investor base and to ensure that we can continue our successful investment strategy with second-tier Swiss stocks. 

What does this mean?

From 1 January 2016, only existing investors will have access to the zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund.

From that date onwards, new investors will no longer be allowed - i.e. they will be rejected by the Fund management and the custodian.

What is the further procedure regarding subscriptions and redemptions

Nothing will change for existing ZA-class investors (Swiss security no. 22475680, ISIN CH0024756806) . As before, they have to notify us of additional subscriptions.

Existing investors who want to make A-class subscriptions of more than CHF 50,000 (Swiss security no. 4534164, ISIN CH0045341648) will be obliged to notify us in advance.

Redemptions can still be made at any time.

zCapital Swiss Dividend Fund as an alternative

The zCapital Swiss Dividend Fund (Swiss security no. 19466655, ISIN CH0194666555) represents an alternative for new investors. The fund has a successful three-year track record. In November 2015, it was rated for the first time by Morningstar and was immediately awarded 5 stars - as was the zCapital Swiss Small & Mid Cap Fund.

We will inform you if the situation changes.

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