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SRF Bilanz Viewpoints: Stock market year 2024: top or flop?

Hilmar Langensand, Fabienne Hockenjos-Erni, Matthias Geissbühler and Luzius Meisser discuss.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: The end of the voting right restriction

zCapital is demanding an end to the 2% voting restriction on Baloise.

2024 will offer attractive entry points

Hilmar Langensand, CEO and fund manager of zCapital, and two other fund managers explain in an interview what is currently driving the stock markets and which stocks they see as offering opportunities in 2024.

Three fund managers - nine Swiss equity favourites for 2023

Hilmar Langensand, Martin Lehmann and Simon Götschmann discuss the outlook for the stock market and identify the most promising Swiss stocks.

Three Swiss fund managers in conversation with The Market NZZ

Markets are challenging. Equities have corrected since the beginning of the year, in some cases sharply.

Hilmar Langensand in an interview with The Market NZZ

A situation that investors have not seen for forty years

Jolanda Stadelmann and Felix Remmers in an interview with

Not nice sustainability reports, but deeds are decisive

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Market Perspectives 2022

Christa Janjic-Marti, Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter and Hilmar Langensand discuss in the FuW panel "Market Perspectives 2022".

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Interview with Jolanda Stadelmann and Felix Remmers

Good and sustainable Swiss companies: Jolanda Stadelmann and Felix Remmers of zCapital hold Givaudan, Zurich Insurance and Emmi, but not Holcim or Nestlé.

B2B Magazine: How do you identify sustainable companies?

More and more investors want to invest sustainably. But sustainability is a broad term with no single definition.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Stock market panel

The past year has been much better for equity investors than expected due to the Corona crisis. Where do we go from here?

SRF Bilanz Viewpoints: Stock market - Higher and higher, further and further?

Hilmar Langensand, Thomas Borer, Tobias Straumann and Anja Hochberg will discuss.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Stock market panel

Asset managers André Kistler (Albin Kistler) and Hilmar Langensand (CEO zCapital) as well as Lars Kalbreier (CIO Vontobel) will discuss.

cash-Börsen-Talk with Hilmar Langensand

The bad mood on the stock market will continue for some time, says fund manager Hilmar Langensand.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Interview with Hilmar Langensand

Hilmar Langensand believes most Swiss companies are solidly financed and pays attention to management.

Handelszeitung: 46.7 billion for investors

Shareholders have reason to rejoice: For the 2017 financial year, Swiss listed companies once again distributed more money than in the previous year.

SRF Börse on dividend stocks

In 2017, SMI companies will pay out more than CHF 36 billion to their shareholders.

Le Temps: Une pluie de dividendes est attendue en 2017

Les entreprises suisses cotées en bourse devraient verser quelque 37 milliards de francs à leurs actionnaires au titre de l’exercice 2016, un niveau proche de l’an précédent.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: The best dividend funds

Dividend strategies are in demand in a challenging 2015 for equity markets. How investors can find the right product.

Handelszeitung: The smart choice

Active or passive? Both styles have their advantages. Combined correctly, the return is right.

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Komax - One Share, One Vote

Dear Investor

Finanz & Wirtschaft: The courtship of Komax shareholders begins anew

The asset manager zCapital proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the voting restrictions be lifted.

Handelszeitung: Investor Question

Roche and SGS on the buy list

NZZ: Stocks brings more «interest»

Dividends promise a «windfall» in the sping

Finanz & Wirtschaft: Fund gems and their creators.

Active success.

Handelszeitung: Dividends - The big fireworks

CHF 36 billion for shNever before have major Swiss corporations paid out so much.areholders.

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