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The website of zCapital Ltd, Zug (zCapital) contains information and opinions on investment funds and similar products registered and managed in Switzerland. The website only directs to investors resident in Switzerland. The website of zCapital must not be accessed by persons who in view of their nationality and/or residence are subject to restrictions or to a jurisdiction prohibiting the publication of the contents of the zCapital website or access to the zCapital website (for whatever reasons). Persons to whom these restrictions apply are not allowed access to the zCapital website. This applies in particular to persons with residence or domicile in the USA, Great Britain and Japan. Investors should seek independent advice on the applicable legal, financial or tax principles in the country concerned.

Please note in particular that the funds distributed by us are not authorized for distribution in the United States of America (USA) and its territories and the CaymanIslands. For reasons of US securities laws (in particular the Investment Advisors Act and the Dodd Frank Act) US resident persons are not allowed to visit this website. By clicking on the "Accept" button you confirm that you are NOT a US resident.

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