Investment approach

zCapital strives to achieve an above-average performance for its investors by conducting comprehensive company analysis (bottom-up approach). This fundamental assessment focuses on the qualitative analysis of the business model, company management, market structure, competitive position, quality of the balance sheet and shareholder structure. Besides valuation aspects zCapital is searching for expectation gaps in the earnings development potential of the individual companies versus market expectations. In addition to assessing share valuation, the earnings development potential of individual companies is evaluated and compared with market expectations.

zCapital does not steer sector allocations but seeks the best investment opportunities in its investment universe. Macroeconomic factors are also considered in the decision-making process. To control the portfolio risk in terms of concentration and liquidity risk, the fund assets are broadly diversified and do not contain any cluster risks.

In addition to quantitative and qualitative screening and performing fundamental company analysis, zCapital also conducts a risk analysis based on ESG criteria as part of the investment process.

Hilmar Langensand


[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Hilmar Langensand, CEO zCapital

"Our investment approach has proven itself and has remained unchanged since our foundation."

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