Passion for Swiss equities


Hilmar Langensand - zCapital AG
Hilmar LangensandCEO
 Reto Portmann - zCapital AG
Reto PortmannCOO
Kaspar Kennel - zCapital AG
Kaspar KennelClient relations
 Pascal Seidner - zCapital AG
Pascal SeidnerPortfolio management
Andy Schnyder - zCapital AG
Andy SchnyderResearch
Jolanda Stadelmann - Jolanda Stadelmann
Jolanda StadelmannResearch
Felix Remmers - zCapital AG
Felix RemmersPortfolio management
Mischa Rölli - zCapital AG
Mischa RölliResearch
Luca Bertucci - zCapital AG
Luca BertucciAssistant

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